Mexican Restaurant in Fayetteville, NC

There is nothing quite like authentic Mexican food at a traditional taqueria or Mexican restaurant. Utilizing tasty array of delicious flavors featured in Mexican cuisine, Taqueria Jalapeno is proud to share our favorite recipes with you and yours.

At Taqueria Jalapeno we provide many ways for you to enjoy Mexican cuisine. From our Taco Tuesday specials to happy hour, there is something fun for everyone to enjoy. Sit at our cocktail bar and sip a margarita or enjoy a light meal of tapas with friends and family.

Have you visited our Mexican restaurant but just can’t get enough of Taqueria Jalapeno? Our Mexican catering brings our tasty eats to you and your celebration. Whether you want our catering services for a wedding or need to feed your employees as a thank you for their dedicated work, Taqueria Jalapeno is here to provide delicious eats at a great price.

For more information or to join us for dinner, please call Taqueria Jalapeno in Fayetteville, NC at (910) 425-9094 today!

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